Web Developer Freelance

Hi! My name is Anthony Estebe, I'm a french developer. After passing my DUT in Computer Science and my Professional License in Management of Computer Science Projects, I worked for 3 years in a multinational company name Schlumberger.

During my job I tried to create my first startup because I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, then, since 2012 I decided to work on multiple web projects using Ruby on Rails framework and so now I'm a web developer freelance.

My skills

This is a quick list of some stuffs I like to play with and competencies in each of them. This is not a full list but just what I like.


  • Coffee-script/Javascript

  • C++


  • Ruby


Frameworks / libs

  • Backbone.js

  • Compass

  • jQuery

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Twitter Bootstrap

All presented skills where learn by myself just for learning and discover some new ways to work more efficiently and to create better things.


Contact me

If you want to contact me for any things, informations, prices, or just to pay me a beer use one of those ways: